The Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority, on its part, refrained from responding to restrictions on the courts in banning reports.

Walta Television “Walta Investigation” program provides a variety of investigative reports on human rights, good governance and corruption.

In its investigative reports, however, the Institute says the involvement of authorities and court interventions are making difficult on doing its report.

The Investigative Reporter Berhanu Woldesemayat and Assistant Editor Jamal Mohamed said that working on investigative reports in Ethiopia is inconceivable.

When an investigative reports are being done some corrupted officials use their money to stope the the report from going public.

Even though Walta Television is investigating information from all sides and is taking public complaints to media, court order is hindering the report from being released to public.

According to the journalists in different parts of Ethiopia investigative reports on human rights violations in the Afar region Adera salt mining corrupt action is banned by the court from being aired.


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