Addis Ababa July 18/2020 (ENA) Ethiopian Diaspora specialists are actively working to create consciousness among the many worldwide group in regards to the “legitimate rights of Ethiopia to use the Nile River.”

Unbiased Advisor Researcher, Peace and Safety Professional, Lulseged Abebe who resides in the UK informed ENA that Egypt has at all times been deceptive its personal individuals and the worldwide group on the problems of Nile water.

Ethiopian Diaspora and specialists have subsequently been intensifying their efforts to vary this misguided narrative on the worldwide area because the Nile water belongs to 11 basin nations, to not solely few nations.

“We have been running the campaign under the theme ‘I am for the Nile too.’ We are mobilizing the diaspora community at different parts the globe. To realize this, we have been very actively using social media platforms to inform the international community about the legitimate right of Ethiopia to use the Nile water,” the knowledgeable stated.

He acknowledged that the marketing campaign will proceed till Egypt and Sudan signal a Cooperative Framework Settlement (CFA).

Lulseged pressured the Authorities of Ethiopia has at all times been clear throughout negotiations that Ethiopia has no intention to hurt the downstream nations Egypt and Sudan.

“The GERD is an icon as well as a symbol of Ethiopians wherever we are. It is our monument everywhere. We have to really work very hard to show that the message coming from Egypt is not based on facts. We have provided facts and that is what we have been doing so far. And we will continue to do that,” he stated.

In accordance him, the Ethiopian Diaspora are actively engaged in selling the significance and relevance of the dam for the individuals of Ethiopia and the area at giant.

“It is a game changer for us,” he stated, including that the diaspora is “contributing in their capacity to inform governments in the countries where they live about what is going on and that it is the legitimate right of Ethiopia build a dam generating electricity.”

The knowledgeable famous that Egypt is sticking to the colonial agreements that say they’re the one means to make use of the Nile water. Nonetheless, “we are in 21st century and things have changed. Every country has needs to fulfill the demands of its citizens.”

Egypt has to simply accept to make the most of the Nile water equitably and fairly. The Nile “is African water. Any dispute related to that should thus be solved by people and countries that are using the river. It doesn’t make sense taking the case to the UN Security Council where some members might not even know where Nile River,” he argued.

Planning and System Resolution Assist for Tampa Bay Water Supervisor and Co-Chair of Florida Water and Local weather Alliance, Tirusew Assefa from USA stated on his half the Ethiopian Diaspora and students want to work rather a lot to make to members of the worldwide group what’s the actual concern truth behind the Nile water and GERD.

He identified that Egypt is a step forward of us on this sense because it spreads a whole lot of misinformation and instructing college students and the general public false narrative about Nile Water sources.

“ As diaspora experts we need to clarify things and create understanding. I have fortunately seen lots of activities recently not only in the US but also in Europe, Canada in Africa in this respect,” Tirusew acknowledged.

When individuals more often than not speak in regards to the provide facet for Egypt, they suppose that drought will observe if any water use is made by the higher riparian  nations.This isn’t true, the knowledgeable identified.

He stated diaspora specialists are enterprise concerted efforts to get out and put the information out on GERD to show the false narrative in regards to the dam.

“Some of us are also working with elected officials. Recently, we met the senator and congress people to basically voice our concern about what is going on between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. So, all of these help us to teach. We need a lot to inform the elected officials and others. This is the responsibility of the Ethiopian Diaspora. Basically our work needs to show this through fact supported way,” Tirusew elaborated.

He additional famous that Ethiopia hopes to retain 4.9 billion cubic meters of water throughout this wet season and this doesn’t considerably hurt the downstream nations, significantly Sudan and Egypt.


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