Addis Ababa, August 25/2020(ENA) Ethiopia’s agency stance on the continuing tripartite negotiation and the primary part filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has inspired Ethiopian Diasporas internationally, Ambassadors mentioned.

In an unique interview with ENA, Ethiopian Ambassador to China Teshome Toga mentioned Ethiopia has the suitable to develop utilizing its pure sources together with the Nile River.

The federal government by placing all the required efforts in place has managed to safe the nationwide curiosity in relation to the dam, he mentioned including Ethiopians are persuaded with the federal government transfer on the flagship GERD undertaking.    

“Ethiopians abroad are very much encouraged by the position that the government has taken. So we will continue constructing our dam at the same time we will also negotiate to fair, reasonable and equitable use of the Nile water resources; so this has motivated them and the first filling of the dam has motivated Ethiopians all over the world,” Ambassador Teshome famous.

The reason being that the ambassador mentioned “GERD is not ordinary dam rather it has several national and regional geopolitical implications.”

Within the technique of setting up the dam the federal government of Ethiopia has completed the whole lot it might to succeed in on understanding with the downstream international locations, he mentioned, and added “as our main aim is to reach at a win-win solution to this problem the Chinese government has encouraged and supported that.”

Ethiopian Ambassador to the US of America, Fitsum Arega mentioned Ethiopian and Ethiopian origin Diasporas are engaged in supporting GERD and turning into a part of the historical past within the making.

“The stance that the Ethiopian government has taken on the Grand Renaissance Dam talk has been very clear, principled and based on the agreement signed among the three countries in Khartoum and it is also just. Whereas the argument by the other parties mainly by Egypt and unfortunately supported by the US Treasury was not in line with these principles,” he mentioned.

The Diaspora clearly understands the sticky factors of the negotiation on the dam and Ethiopia’s place, he mentioned, including that “they are very engaged and want to engage more, especially in this month.”

“For the first time in the U.S. we have opened an account for Ethiopian Diaspora to participate in this grand project and be part of history, renaissance, and this unifying and amazing movement. So we will be continuing to do in the months to come to motivate and explain the opportunities open to them,” Fitsum elaborated.

Ethiopia has completed the primary part of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam with the preliminary 4.9 billion cubic meters of water sufficient to begin early energy era.


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