Open Letter to the USA Congress: cc: Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Amy Kolbershar, and Mitch McConnellEthiopia can’t be one other Somalia!By Tibebe Samuel FerenjiSeptember 6, 2020On August 21st, 2020, 20 members of the USA Congress, led by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, wrote a letter to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stating “Ethiopia has experienced a regression in democratic principle”. Though within the minority, the members’ letter clearly signifies the lack of expertise of  Ethiopia’s complicated political discourse and the push to judgment by the members with out understanding the scope and the depth of damages executed within the Oromia area by extremist Oromos. These members of Congress didn’t grasp the information on the bottom in Ethiopia and failed to coach themselves in regards to the tragic occasions that precipitated the dying of a whole lot of harmless Ethiopians and the property destruction price in hundreds of thousands of {dollars} earlier than attaching their names within the letter that appears to sympathize with those that are advocating for the destabilization of Ethiopia. Sadly, these members of congress are echoing the extremist Oromos political agenda promoted by “hired gun lobbyists” as an alternative of speaking with the US embassy in Addis Ababa to fact-check in regards to the data they have from their constituency. Though this letter is not going to have an effect on Ethiopia in any form or type, it has a chilling impact on the Ethiopian Diaspora political sphere. Many of the Oromo extremists within the US, who’re taking part in a number one function in inciting violence in Ethiopia, are naturalized residents of the USA and they’re utilizing the USA flag as their defend to incite violence that precipitated the 2019 and 2020 bloodbath of harmless Orthodox Christians and ethnic minorities dwelling within the Oromia area. The likes of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s curiosity to maintain their congressional seat and to be the voice of their constituency is comprehensible; nevertheless, to face with those that are calling for genocide and assassinations of excessive rating authorities officers and “celebrities” in Ethiopia is just not solely shameful however it’s a recipe to break the connection not solely between the 2 governments however between the 2 individuals. It’s clear the Oromo extremists have been extra vocal and have paid lobbyists peddling their narratives disregarding the dying and destructions they’ve precipitated. The very fact is, the Oromo extremists who’re lobbying congress who precipitated the dying of greater than 85 harmless ethnic minorities within the Oromia area and burned church buildings and destroyed properties in October 2019, and in June 2020 bloodbath in Ethiopia. On June 29, 2020, following the dying of, the Ethiopian musician Huchalu Hundessa, up to now, we all know 235 individuals have been killed, 1000’s injured and displaced, properties price in hundreds of thousands are destroyed, and cities are burned to the bottom. The Oromo extremists in Ethiopia massacred ethnic minorities and Orthodox Christians, together with Oromo Christians with the encouragement and funding from the Oromo extremists within the Diaspora. Sarcastically, the perpetrators of this heinous crime are those who’re appearing as victims and “demanding justice”.  Those that help the extremists’ agenda and foment the hate that resulted within the killing of a whole lot, together with a nine-month pregnant lady in entrance of her household, put their victimhood façade and peddle their lies within the halls of Congress and the media, prepared to advertise their false narratives. The true victims of those tragic and barbaric occasions can’t rent lobbyists for the US congress to listen to their voices. They haven’t any voice within the US Congress or US media retailers. Astonishingly, as a result of those that help the bloodbath are placing a well-coordinated public relations marketing campaign appearing like victims and they’re screaming louder, it has gotten the eye of some of the US Congress members and the 2 Minnesota Senators. The perpetrators of this brutal crime inform their lies for anybody who’s prepared to hear. Even a number of the native media in Minnesota are telling their false narratives with out fact-checking and with out making any efforts to study what actually occurred in Ethiopia since June 29, 2020. Members of Congress, who authored, the August 21, 2020 letter, have given their voices to the perpetrators of the heinous crime dedicated in Ethiopia with out taking their time to study the reality.  Not less than in precept, members of Congress are supposed to face with the victims, not with prison components; of their letter to Secretary Pompeo, they, unequivocally, have chosen to facet with the harmful forces as an alternative of the victims. One should surprise if members of congress are the voices of those extremist components, who’s going to be the voice for the victims who had been killed and injured in a way that may solely be described as a sub-human act incited, coordinated, and funded by those that live in the USA hiding within the shadow of the USA flag. The place is the voice of the US congress for a city known as Shashmnie which is burned to the bottom by the extremist Oromos; what’s the response of the US Congress to such destruction? We didn’t hear something from the likes of Ilhan Omar or Amy Kolbershar when ethnic minorities within the Oromia area had been slaughtered and beheaded by extremist Oromos.  Regardless of the false narratives of the extremist Oromos in Minnesota and different components of the USA who’re inflicting havoc in Ethiopia, Ethiopia is just not regressing as asserted within the letter, however progressing to uphold the legislation of its land making the prison components, who cover behind their political organizations, the USA Flag, and the media, accountable. Congress ought to have requested an goal report from the US embassy in Addis Ababa as an alternative of referring to a report obtained from subjective proof by the likes of Amnesty Worldwide. Congress ought to do its homework first earlier than interfering within the inside affairs of a sovereign nation. It’s mandatory for Congress to contemplate its actions can have an unintended consequence. On this case, it can find yourself emboldening and empowering those that need to destroy Ethiopia. This can’t be within the nationwide safety curiosity of the USA.  The USA Congress workplace shouldn’t be used calmly and shouldn’t be used to empower and emboldened extremist Oromos who’re calling for the assassination of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the bloodbath of Amharas. These fringe components don’t characterize Oromos, nor do they converse for almost all of Oromos in the USA. I don’t assume historical past will probably be type to those that stand with the perpetrators of a heinous crime just like the one dedicated in Ethiopia by extremist Oromos. It appears the teachings of Rwanda and Yugoslavia are already forgotten. Congress members shouldn’t rely solely votes, they need to additionally rely the lives misplaced due to their inaction and harmful motion that encourages violence in Ethiopia. The extremist Oromos in Ethiopia are funded and supported by the Diaspora extremist Oromos. Members of Congress ought to concentrate on these information and never play politics within the lives of harmless Ethiopians. The group that these members are talking for needs the destruction of Ethiopia. How can making Ethiopia one other Somalia defend the curiosity of the USA? PS. This letter was additionally despatched to the Washington Publish, Washington Occasions, The Guardian, BBC, the Minnesota Star Tribune, Minnesota’s KARE 11 TV, and Fox 9 Minnesota.  The publish Open Letter to the USA Congress: Ethiopia can’t be one other Somalia! appeared first on Borkena Ethiopian Information.


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