Addis Ababa November 19/2020 (ENA) Making clean transition and conducting free and authorized election are the primary targets of the Interim Administration of Tigray Regional State, the lately appointed CEO of the administration stated in the present day.

Briefing the media, CEO Mulu Nega stated the individuals of Tigray have been coerced into unfair and unlawful elections by the Tigray Folks’s Liberation Entrance (TPLF) for years.

“We are not to stay there for years. Our target is to make the transition very smooth. Our main task is to ensure transparent, objective, democratic, participatory and credible election in the region”, he underscored.

Stressing the importance of scrapping the final unlawful election within the area, the CEO stated guaranteeing justice, good governance, democracy and widening the political house will probably be essential.

The Tigriyan individuals have been affected by lack of justice and good governance, Mulu famous, including that the interim administration will work to create an enabling state of affairs whereby these issues may very well be tackled.

In accordance with him, the speedy motion will probably be resuming social providers not correctly functioning in the mean time, together with training, well being and so forth, in collaboration with the federal authorities, sector ministries and different stakeholders.

Widening the political house within the area was additionally talked about among the many duties to be executed by the interim administration by involving all political events working within the area.

“The political space in the region has been very narrow. So we will open up this and invite all political parties, groups and individuals to operate by respecting the rule of law. This will help us to strengthen the democratization process in the region because narrow political space and lack of democracy has been a challenge in the region,” the CEO elaborated.

The interim administration would additionally work laborious to make sure peace and stability, he said.  

With regard to relations with Eritrea, Mulu  stated “we will try to restore peace and stability with neighboring regions and Eritrea. There is some mistrust. So our task is to restore peace and stability within Tigray as well as with neighboring regions and the Eritrea government.”


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