Addis Ababa Novembre 22/2020 (ENA) The Nationwide Protection Pressure which is engaged in a regulation enforcement operation in Tigray is marching to Mekelle successful in all fronts, in response to Protection Forces Operation Essential Division.

Consultant of the Essential Head of Protection Forces Operation Essential Division, Brigadier Basic Tesfaye Ayalew mentioned the TPLF junta has betrayed the nationwide protection drive with the intent of violently seizing authorities energy.

The protection drive has consequently been executing regulation enforcement operation with excessive morale and willpower in opposition to the junta.

Presenting the regulation enforcement operation utilizing maps, Brigadier Basic Tesfaye mentioned the protection drive has been pushing from Dansha to Baekel, Humera and Shirie within the western entrance.

And on the northern entrance from Badme, Tsorena to Zalambessa, he mentioned, including that the protection drive is now marching to Mekelle following the seize of Adigrat, the second largest metropolis of Tigray.

On the South entrance, it started its operation from Raya and Chifra and merged in Chercher closing to Hewana, which is positioned 60 kilometers from the capital, Mekelle, he identified.  

Underscoring the agency stand of the individuals of Tigray and its assist to the Nationwide Protection Pressure, Brigadier Basic Tesfaye he recalled the assist of the protection drive to the individuals in preventing locusts and COVID-19 in addition to in harvesting.

Regardless of all of the false propaganda which has been disseminated by the TPLF junta, the individuals of Tigray are supporting the protection drive and expressed their pleasure by handing over their weapons given to them by the junta to assault the Nationwide Protection Pressure.


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