Addis Ababa November 24/2020 (ENA) Eradicating the TPLF management and the get together that established hegemony during the last years is crucial to Ethiopia’s sovereignty and integrity, in accordance with the authoritative historical past lecturer Abebaw Ayalew.

Briefing the media on the historical past of TPLF, Assistant Professor Abebaw Ayalew mentioned the atrocities and the cruel actions which have been carried out by TPLF all through its years  centered solely on its applications in order to maintain its hegemony.

“The TPLF, during the period of struggle and after, strictly focused on a political agenda and   program that orbited around ethnicity and ethno-nationalism, as opposed to the desired and expectations of many Ethiopian political parties and groups. After establishing the umbrella group, Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), TPLF established hegemony over the other group members and continued with its policies by crafting a constitution that served its purpose,” he elaborated.

Explaining how the get together has been preventing towards modifications within the nation, the historian mentioned TPLF destroyed many events that might have modified the destiny of the nation, together with the election in 2005.

“The TPLF leadership and the party with such a record of atrocities did not play constructive role in Ethiopia while it controlled power, and also after losing its hegemony over the EPRDF; when they retreated to Mekelle to continue with provocative and defiant actions to challenge not only the reform but also the very existence of the Ethiopian state,” Abebaw identified.  

He confused that the one option to go ahead for Tigray Regional State specifically and the nation on the whole the TPLF must be liquidated.

“Unless the party and the leadership are liquidated, Ethiopia’s sovereignty and also the democratization of Tigray Region and the people would remain under question,” the historian argued.

Former member of TPLF and consultant of the federal authorities, Zadig Abrha mentioned the  authorities confirmed excessive persistence in useless.

“We sent elders to smoothen things out and bring them back to the fold. Our commitment to the people of Tigray never wavered,” he added.

“TPLF did a number of sabotages with a view to derail the reform,”Zadig  said, including that  “the Black Tuesday was, however, different from all that have come for the past three years, because TPLF crossed the red-line. It attacked the Northern Command and killed many. Our  government would ever tolerate this. There is a limit to patience. So this became the final straw that broke the patience of the federal government.”  

Based on  Zewdneh Beyene, a lawyer, “what is happening in Tigray can be easily described as atrocious criminal act. What has happened in the region and the crimes committed by TPLF leadership are treasonous.”


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