Addis Ababa, November 28/2020( ENA) State of Emergency Reality Test launched at the moment the frequent misrepresentations of Ethiopia’s legislation enforcement operation in Tigray Regional State. 

Misrepresentation#1: Ethiopia is embroiled in brutal civil struggle. 

Ethiopia isn’t embroiled in a brutal civil struggle; it’s endeavor a legislation enforcement operation that may salvage the nation from descending right into a civil struggle. 

The legislation enforcement operation has restricted, clear and achievable aims. Its principal goal is to deliver TPLF legal clique to justice. As these criminals are armed to the tooth, it was completely essential to deploy the Nationwide Protection Pressure on this legislation enforcement operation. The operation will come to an finish quickly. 

Misrepresentation#2: Ethiopian forces have indiscriminately bombed cities within the Tigray area.

The Nationwide Protection Pressure of their rule of engagement have averted fight in cities and cities of the Tigray area. The forces have quite been slicing by way of tough terrain to make sure that no destruction and civilian causality ensue throughout confrontation with the TPLF militia. Thus far, our protection forces have been profitable in offering the utmost safety to civilians. 

Misrepresentation#3: Ethiopian forces are aerially bombarding Mekelle.

The TPLF clique has been repeatedly fabricating accusations that the Federal Authorities has carried out aerial assaults in cities and cities in addition to civilian areas. The Nationwide Protection Pressure aerial engagement has been exact and targets solely TPLF’s army depot, weaponry and arsenals. It has not focused civilian services equivalent to hospitals, faculties and residential areas. The power has averted explosives in populated areas.

Misrepresentation#4: Ethiopia has vowed ‘no mercy’ in its operations in Mekelle metropolis.

The out of context translation of a colonel’s interview has sparked worldwide alarm with unsubstantiated accusations towards the Ethiopian Authorities of ‘war crimes’.

The federal government has indicated on a number of events that there is no such thing as a intention of focusing on civilians. Following the 72-hour window given to the TPLF clique to give up peacefully, the federal authorities indicated that it’s going to proceed to the ultimate part of the rule of legislation operations in Mekelle in a strategic method geared toward isolating and apprehending the clique. 

On the contrary, army intelligence signifies that the TPLF forces have been getting ready to undertake extreme crimes towards humanity in Mekelle metropolis, with the intention of falsely accusing the federal authorities of their last-ditch makes an attempt for the worldwide neighborhood’s undue interference on this legislation enforcement operation. 


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