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The Queen of Sheba
December 7, 2020 
The assault on the Ethiopian Federal Forces of the Northern Command by the TPLF cabal has drawn a large number of actors from the huge array of the so known as “international community”. To make certain, this worldwide neighborhood is as numerous because the human race itself—with all types of pursuits, issues, persuasions and expectations. This neighborhood, thus, is available in a number of varieties and shapes that might be laconically categorized—with out scholastic distinctions—as the nice, the dangerous, the ugly—and the gullible. Exhibiting a fancy ecology of this huge neighborhood in such simplistic dichotomy could also be imprecise, but it surely helps to supply some glimpse into the connection between this neighborhood and Ethiopia.
The Good
The worldwide neighborhood has performed an essential position in financially, materially and logistically supporting the Ethiopian individuals and its governments. A lion’s share of the federal government finances of Ethiopia has been financed by this neighborhood via completely different mechanisms—together with direct finances assist, smooth loans and different preparations. 
At a humanitarian stage, the large assist Ethiopia had obtained on the time of the devastating famine and drought within the 1980s is a reminder of the nice intentions of this wing of the worldwide neighborhood. The vast majority of this neighborhood was pushed by a real curiosity to foster human decency, advance humanitarian values and combat abject poverty world wide. Ethiopia has been welcoming and dealing intently with this wing of the worldwide neighborhood for years.
The Dangerous
The opposite wing of the neighborhood on the excessive finish of the nice is pushed by sheer greed, self-interest, vanity and hegemony. This wing is dominated by plenty of {powerful} and not-so-powerful governments, political entities, multinational companies and establishments which make use of a wide range of subversive acts—together with sheer brutality, conspiracy, white lies and misinformation, to serve that curiosity underneath the guise of worldwide cooperation and worldwide partnership. 
Ethiopia has witnessed as many such entities as there are in its lengthy and proud historical past. The scandalous rejection of her safety on the United Nations when it was savagely attacked after which invaded by Italian Fascists within the early twentieth century is one poignant reminder.
The Ugly
Whereas each the nice and the dangerous wings are sometimes apparent to discern, this class of the worldwide neighborhood is sneaky and devious and identified to make use of a medley of acts underneath the guise of no matter is worldwide. One such group extensively accused of undermining the Ethiopian curiosity has been a number of the main worldwide media.
The Media
The media performs a key and important position in informing and shaping the views of the worldwide neighborhood—properly, humanity as a complete. The Ethiopian battle has proven the ugly face of a number of the main worldwide media of their unbalanced and biased reporting. The media homes have proven huge partisanship together with violating the essential journalistic decency. In plenty of circumstances, viewers have been bombarded with recycled information, watered down information patched with screaming headlines favorable to the TPLF cabal. 
It must be famous that paid TPLF operatives and its shenanigans—underneath the guise of journalists and analysts—unabashedly misrepresented information, lied incessantly, and even went so far as hinting to the cabal some disastrous actions as various measures. For example, these partisan journalists and analysts largely opted to disregard the massacres perpetrated by the marauding and fleeing forces of the TPLF cabal. So as to add insult to the harm, they introduced these very perpetrators as victims to be rescued by agitating the worldwide neighborhood.
To today, most of the worldwide media are but to obviously name out the occasion which began the battle—and triggered the warfare. And but, whereas the cabal surreptitiously and systematically misinformed the worldwide neighborhood and falsely accused the Federal Forces of the Northern Command as beginning the warfare, certainly one of their high-ranking officers, overtly admitted at a televised interview that TPLF began the pre-emptive “thunderous” assault likening it to a historical past of Israeli forces. Many of the media homes proceed to intentionally ignore this important reality and painting the federal government as equally culpable, if no more.
Humanitarian and Human Proper Organizations
TPLF has a protracted—and darkish—historical past of taking part in humanitarian organizations as narrated and written by plenty of its personal former members. A report by BBC over a decade in the past that uncovered misuse of support cash and provisions by the TPLF cabal is a working example. 
The historical past of a number of the human rights organizations, akin to Amnesty Worldwide, is just not unembellished one. In certainly one of its stories on the scenario in Ethiopia some six months in the past, the group produced such a sloppy report, that it needed to withdraw a part of it and promised an inside investigation (a minimum of so it mentioned). However, within the latest battle, most Ethiopians and the federal government watched with one more shock because the group hesitated to name the TPLF perpetrators of the My-Kadra bloodbath which the UN has acknowledged and dominated additional investigation. 
Within the final three troublesome years, thousands and thousands of Ethiopian residents have been internally and externally displaced—and but this sect of the worldwide neighborhood has been eerily silent. As a matter of curiosity, this was the time when the TPLF declared Tigray as the one peaceable area within the nation, although mounting proof has been implicating it in a lot of the conflicts and atrocities. To place issues in perspective, this present battle has displaced about 40,000 Ethiopians within the Sudan—lots of whom Tigrean militia and particular forces suspected of committing the My-Kadra bloodbath. Whereas one displaced Ethiopian is one too many, the noise for 40,000 in distinction to the thousands and thousands is solely telling the ugly nature and modus operandi of this wing of the worldwide neighborhood. 
Not too long ago, the Ethiopian authorities was accused of backtracking on its dedication to unfettered entry to the humanitarian mission within the affected areas in Tigray. Although the federal government has categorically denied it, one wonders if it must be blamed in any respect given the treachery, partisanship, misinformation, and arm-twisting orchestrated by the operatives and sycophants of the cabal and extra so the heavy burden of the TPLF historical past with support and humanitarian mission previously.
It’s outstanding that a number of the so known as human rights organizations have been identified to show a blind eye as TPLF massacred and brutalized its residents—previously and presently. These very organizations out of the blue changed into advocates of human rights and saviors of the nation when they’re really working covertly to throw a life line to the atrocious cabal. 
The Enablers and the Shenanigans
The employed weapons and the shenanigans of the TPLF cabal have been out in full pressure in what seems to be a really coordinated public relations siege. Unencumbered by ethics and integrity, they manipulated main media shops and social media platforms beatifying the TPLF and demonizing the federal authorities. They first pontificated elevating the TPLF as a formidable pressure with unmatched power and time-tested resolve within the nation and past. When that notion of invincibility crashed because the TPLF forces have been thunderously trashed in a slightly humiliating defeat, they shortly shifted the narrative to human struggling and displacement, pressuring the worldwide neighborhood for a negotiation to save lots of the dropping cabal from annihilation. 
A lot for the invincibility of the TPLF and its loser enablers and shenanigans. The TPLF, which bragged about its 17 years wrestle—and shining victory for the final 27 years of its rule slightly incessantly and arrogantly—misplaced the warfare in a crashing defeat in as many days with its leaders now operating for his or her lives in ravines, caves and mountains.
It is very important point out the retraction and apologies of a number of the main worldwide media, such because the BBC, which have been misused by a number of the cabal’s enablers and shenanigans. In its relentless pursuit of the Prime Minister as a offender describing him a “Nobel Peace Prize Winner who Sent his troops to Battle” the BBC and others tried to trash his well-deserved trophy and introduced it an obscene dissonance.
Two weeks after the TPLF cabal attacked the Northern Command and admitted beginning the warfare, the Worldwide Disaster Group, which  describes itself and its analysts as not taking sides, continues to be disregarding the actual fact when it wrote on 22 November 2020, greater than two weeks after the assault:  “On 4 November, Africa’s second most populous country plunged into a serious conflict between federal troops and security forces from the Tigray region, one of Ethiopia’s ten states.” A lot for “not taking sides” and the non-partisanship empty sermon.
The Gullible
The TPLF cabal reckons that the worldwide neighborhood typically is gullible and liable to straightforward manipulation. It has been identified to pay handsomely to muzzle important voices and various views as certainly one of its sustained technique to attain that. The relentless effort and big assets it deployed to kick off the favored information media, ESAT, off the air is one working example.
The general public relations equipment of the cabal has been principally efficient—in conserving it in energy in addition to sustaining it via the short-lived warfare. What’s outstanding nevertheless is the way it managed to take even essentially the most enlightened members of the worldwide neighborhood—lecturers and researchers—for a trip as lately found within the signatures petitioned by the cabal and its sympathizers. Within the checklist, one would shortly discover many who might have identified higher than signing a doc with an ulterior motif of sustaining a cabal which has continued to bloodbath and commit genocide because the latest My-Kadra case vividly exhibited.
In Conclusion
On the finish, it’s the basic story of the notorious Humpty Dumpty who hoisted himself on the wall and met its destiny—agonizingly. 
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. 
Humpty Dumpty had a terrific fall. 
All of the king’s horses and all of the king’s males 
can’t put Humpty Dumpty collectively once more.
RIP Humpty Dumpty. RIP TPLF. Lengthy dwell the worldwide neighborhood within the service of human dignity, human growth, and international justice.
The Queen of Sheba could also be reached at QueenOfSheba2020@outlook.com 

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