Addis Ababa December 15/2020 (ENA) The pace and effectivity through which the Ethiopian Nationwide Protection Power fulfilled its mission is an enormous device for constructing the military, Protection Power Engineering Principal Division Head Lieutenant Normal Getachew Gudina mentioned.

He recalled that the military has been supporting the folks of Tigray to learn from growth and enhance their lives. 

The Head additionally mentioned the military sacrificed their lives to take care of peace and safety within the area. 

The assault perpetrated by the TPLF junta on the military was sudden and unimaginable, Lieutenant Normal Getachew acknowledged.

“The shock was a little bit different for me. I came here (Tigray Region) when young, and later became a commander (of the Northern Command) . I came out of my mother’s house to defend the country. And when you become a leader, you act as a father, a leader, a mentor, a builder. So I felt like they (junta) have killed the baby under me. I do not see the army different  from my children. It was because of this that the attack left a deep wound in my conscience.”

Nevertheless, members of the protection power have repulsed the assault and register victory inside a brief interval. Time has proven their bravery, he mentioned. 

“The army defended itself at night and came up with a brilliant and well-executed military plan and technique that demonstrated its ability to perform each operation and task efficiently, not at the level of what they think,” the pinnacle elaborated.

The legislation enforcement operation has now shifted to searching down the felony and rehabilitation chapter, Lt. Gen. Getachew mentioned, including that the military is at present working with the interim administration to make sure lasting peace and primary companies within the area. 

“I don’t think there is any force now that can undermine the sovereignty and dignity of Ethiopia and our people, if we use the  resources we have as tools to build the army. In general, the military must maintain popularity as it is a source of courage.”  

The Head additional known as on the general public to face alongside the safety forces to make sure peace and stability in Ethiopia by rapidly figuring out and exposing rising threats to peace and safety.

Lieutenant Normal Getachew Gudina led the military throughout the legislation enforcement operation from Zalambessa to Shire. 


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