The affirmation bias and cognitive dissonance (by Ezana Minas)


Affirmation bias, Cognitive dissonance, TPLF

By Ezana MinasDecember 15, 2020
TPLF and its apologists ought to cease the impulse to justify themselves and finish avoiding to take duty for all of the motion that turned out to be dangerous and immoral. They’ve been making selections and working the nation for greater than 27 years affecting the lives of tens of millions of Ethiopians. Explicit teams on the receiving finish of this are identified. The implications are tragic and a nationwide canvas. Therefor, why do they discover it unattainable to say “we made terrible mistake and let us end it here.”
When straight confronted by the vast majority of the individuals via revolt, they may not change their standpoint or plan of action however justify their actions extra tenaciously. When confronted with irrefutable proof they may not pierce their psychological armor of self-justifications.  They fabricate new justifications for his or her mistaken doings.
When their backs are nailed to the wall few instances, they reluctantly acknowledged errors, however not duty. Those that converse on their behalf have refined the artwork of talking in double tongue. Oh errors had been made however not by us as leaders. Another person who shall stay anonymous. The self-justification is unbelievable.
Ethiopians take a look at their habits with amusement and alarm. We see how they self-righteously create a rift with the individuals of Ethiopia. Self-justification added to mendacity to save lots of their very own pores and skin on the expense of the individuals on whose behalf they declare to talk is past perception. The self-justification not solely minimizes the horrendous errors they made, additionally it is the rationale, that each Ethiopian see the hypocrisy in motion besides the hypocrites.  It allowed them to not see or acknowledge their ethical lapses. They’re aware hypocrites.  They’re justifying behaviors that all the nation know is mistaken.
Now they can not distinguish the distinction between the aware lie they deceive idiot others and the unconscious self-justification to idiot themselves.  Their ego-enhancing bias has gone manner above the roof distorting what actually occurred and what they did. Over time the self-serving distortion of reminiscence of the crime they dedicated kick in they usually overlook or distort previous occasions, they usually come to consider their very own lies.  When the transition began, they claimed that they know they did one thing mistaken, however they suppose it was not their fault and the scenario is advanced.  They’ve a outstanding capability to persuade themselves that they did nothing mistaken and a unbelievable capability to steer themselves that the “truth” which is handy for the current is the “TRUTH” and something that conflicted with it’s the prevarication of enemies.
The ruthless dictatorship, the grasping Occasion Parastatals possession, the zealots safety murderers, and so on.. are all coerced by self-justification. The senseless self-justification has drawn them deep into catastrophe.  It blocked out their means to even see errors, not to mention right them. It distorted actuality, conserving them from trying into all the knowledge they want and asses points clearly. It extended and widened rifts between themselves and the remainder of the nation. It permitted them to keep away from taking obligations for his or her deeds. It stored them from altering their outdated attitudes and procedures that was dangerous to the Ethiopian individuals at giant.
Unprovoked aggression in a type of preemptive strike shouldn’t be tolerated. More and more and progressively resorting to confrontational politics, in substance in addition to in fashion, didn’t handle the necessity of the Ethiopian individuals. TPLF motives are as outdated as itself: ambition and greed, tribal ideology and ethnic calculations, and concern of what the opposite aspect is perhaps intending. Public rhetoric by leaders of TPLF created anticipation of, even a eager for confrontation by its key leaders which they may not management as soon as they began. With numerous elements coming collectively, TPLF created the right storm for an open battle with a heavy value to Ethiopia.  TPLF’s troubles had been piling up in home politics with acute political division within the ruling coalition, rising youth unrest, rising ethnic nationalism and a toxic residue of mutual suspicion and resentment. The federal government was on the receiving finish of a threatening actions and harsh rhetoric.  TPLF press whipped up hatred and ran scare tales about key Federal leaders and pointed assault on the PM with an exaggerated respect for his or her army and political Darwinizations.
None of us can reside with out making blunders. However do now we have the flexibility to say: “This is not working out here. This is not making sense.” To err is human, however people then have a alternative between protecting up or fessing up. The selection we make is essential to what we do subsequent. All of us ought to be taught from our errors. Nonetheless, we are able to solely be taught if we first admit we made errors.  To do this now we have to keep away from self- justification.  TPLF want to beat the hardwired psychological mechanism that that created self-justification and defend their tribal intuition. Probably the most dangerous penalties of self-justification is the best way it exacerbates prejudice and corruption distorting reminiscence, turning professionalism and confidence into conceitedness, creating and perpetuating injustice and producing feuds and rifts. Understanding these shortcomings and correcting them is step one in direction of discovering resolution versus declaring struggle.
The engine that drives self-justification, the vitality that produce the necessity to justify one’s motion and determination – -especially the mistaken ones—is an disagreeable feeling referred to as “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE”.  It’s a state of pressure that happens each time an individual or a gaggle holds two cognitions (concepts, attitudes, beliefs, opinions) which can be psychologically inconsistent. TPLF managed to cut back dissonance in lots of ingenious self-deluding methods, with self-flattering concepts of processing info illogically. They’ve checked out disconfirming evidences with criticism, distortion and dismissal in order that they’ll keep and strengthen their present perception and privilege in entrance of overwhelming proof on the contrary. This psychological contortion is named the “CONFIRMATION BIAS”.
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