428 of the trucks carrying humanitarian aid to Tigray have not yet left the region.


This was stated in a statement issued by the Press Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, Bilene Seyoum, on Thursday, September 6, 2014.

She said 590 trucks loaded with food and non-food items were transported from Semera to Mekele by various non-governmental organizations.

She said 428 of the 466 trucks delivered to Tigray by humanitarian agencies have not yet left the region.

She said the statement had raised suspicions among the government as it was not clear why the trucks, which did not leave the region, were being used in the region.

Similarly, the Ministry of Peace said in a statement last week that the failure to return vehicles carrying aid to the Tigray region in accordance with established procedures has raised serious concerns and suspicions.

The Ministry: “There is no evidence that they were actually operating outside of their purpose,” he said in a statement on September 1, 2013.

Air and land humanitarian aid to Tigray continues The European Union (EU) said in a statement that it had launched a “week-long humanitarian operation”.

Until September 04, 2014. He said 32 institutions have donated 144 million Ethiopian birr to Mekele for their humanitarian work.

Out of food: About 760,000 liters of fuel and more than 1,000 metric tons of agricultural inputs have been transported to the state.

There are no vehicles that have been disrupted until September 4, he said. He said the government had reduced the number of seven checkpoints to two to facilitate the flow of aid into the region.

Humanitarian Aid in the Amhara Region

The spokesperson added that there are many people in Amhara and Afar regions who have been severely affected by the TPLF insurgency.

He said the number of displaced people in Amhara State has exceeded 500,000 and most of them have been displaced from Wag Hmra, North Gondar, South Gondar, North Wollo and South Wollo.

He said the number of people displaced from North Wollo and taking refuge in Dessie town is close to 270,000.

The government, in collaboration with partner organizations, has provided 27,000 quintals of food grains to IDPs in Dessie by September 10, 2014. More than 2,600 quintals of grain were sent to IDPs in the Wag Hmra zone.

However, he said, humanitarian aid could not be provided in the North Wollo woredas controlled by the TPLF rebels.

Normally, there is a shortage of food in the north, He said the TPLF’s obstruction of humanitarian access would exacerbate the situation.

He said the government has urged non-governmental organizations to pay attention to the victims of Amhara and Afar states.