An 80-page document outlining Junta’s plans to overthrow the PM’s government


We have a TPLF document. The 80-page document outlines the TPLF’s plans to overthrow the TPLF government and outlines what it intends to do after taking control of Addis Ababa.

The document was prepared in September 2013. We will return to the document in more detail in the future, but our bird’s-eye view shows that the TPLF is indeed suffering from brain dehydration. Ignorant, obsessed with old and moldy perspectives, obsessed with regional and international politics and power alignment and disregarding the realities of the land, showing that they are ready to continue their sinful sins, the people who are nailed to a certain age, who do not even know that the world has left them. It is a document. Let’s make an appointment and come back for more.

source: SisMesay Mekonnen