Ataye and Ephrata Gidim have been targeted by OLF again


Ataye and Ephrata Gidim have been targeted again. On Friday, local administration in the districts, all of which are in central Ethiopia, announced it.
According to Ahadu Radio, there were attacks in Ataye, Alalay, Kara Kore, and Yimlu cities, according to Solomon Altaye, who is the head of peace and security in the Ephrata Gidim district.
All of the locations listed above are along the Addis Ababa-Dessie highway.
The renewed assaults, according to the source, occurred in places where the Ethiopian Defense Force was not present.

The Oromo Liberation Front’s (OLF- Shane) military arm was involved in the March 2021 attacks, which took over 100 lives.

Land and lives have been lost as a result of the revived assault this week. The government, on the other hand, would not have accurate reports on the number of fatalities.

It occurred for the fifth time in less than a month, and the local administration sees the events as evidence that the issue is not receiving enough political consideration. And it occurs after 9:00 p.m., when deploying security forces depart the city. It’s unclear why security forces are leaving a region that has been subjected to several assaults.

Authorities in Oromo regional state, where thousands of ethnic Amhara have been massacred since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018, recently announced that they are engaged in a military campaign to eliminate the Oromo Liberation Front’s (OLF) military arm in fifteen days.

Authorities in the region’s political system have been accused of facilitating the attacks, according to reports.

Most of north central Ethiopia is claimed by the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). After the parliament overwhelmingly voted for it, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which controlled the central government, was designated as a terrorist group.

The organization was given permission to access the country from their military base in Eritrea during Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration in 2018. As a result of the OLF’s refusal to disband its separatist groups, there has been a conflict with the federal government.