China opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs


“China opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia’s internal affairs,” said Won.
He made the remarks after briefing Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen on the current situation in Ethiopia. He said China and Ethiopia have been friends for centuries and have a good culture of mutual support as they are multifaceted strategic partners.
Wang said Ethiopia’s internal affairs should be resolved by the Ethiopian government itself, adding that the international community should fully respect Ethiopia’s interests and not impose sanctions on the country. He reaffirmed Ethiopia’s support for Ethiopia’s efforts to ensure peace and security.
He recalled that China was ready to provide first aid for the humanitarian crisis in Tigray. In the case of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Wang said cross-border water resources are always complex, but dialogue and negotiation are the best way to solve the problem.
This position of China was feared by the United States and Europe. The day after the US imposed a travel ban, he warned the Ethiopian government to reconsider its relationship with Washington. It was not uncommon for China to announce its economic partnership with Ethiopia, rather than economic. At a time when Beijing and Washington are at loggerheads, China’s warnings to the West will have far-reaching implications for Ethiopia’s future.