Citizens Organizing, Liberating Themselves from Terrorist TPLF: Gov’t Communications Service


According to the Government Communications Service, citizens residing in areas controlled by the terrorist organisation TPLF are organizing and liberating themselves through hard effort.

The administration has also urged citizens to organize themselves in order to consolidate the actions taken against the terrorist group.

The terrorist TPLF group has been perpetrating atrocious atrocities against civilians in occupied areas, according to Government Communications Service Minister Legesse Tulu, who briefed the media today.

He claims the criminal organization has massacred innocent individuals, looted properties, and destroyed what it couldn’t steal.
As a result, citizens have organized themselves to take action against the terrorist organisation, he continued.

The minister praised residents for their valiant efforts in liberating their communities and country.

In related news, he reported that many members of the terrorist group Shene, which operates in the Oromia area, were caught and others killed in a concerted strike over the last eight days.

The minister went on to say that the people of Oromia have shown tremendous support for the joint operations of the National Defense Force, Oromia Special Force, and militia against the Shene organization.

He claimed that the Oromo people have proved that the terrorist TPLF cannot reclaim power by utilizing the Shene group as a puppet.

Legesse also praised Ethiopians for responding positively to the federal government’s demand for a survival campaign.

Yet, as the minister pointed out, some western countries and international organizations do not have a complete knowledge of Ethiopia’s reality. t in the previous eight days, he revealed.

Ethiopia is certain that the current US sanctions against Eritrea’s military leadership are unjustified.

Legesse emphasized that rather than penalizing the TPLF, which is the source of all the problems, the victim has been singled out, which would exacerbate the situation rather than bring peace to the region.

Source: ena