Coalition censures US especial envoy sending to Ethiopia


The Ethiopian-Somali Coalition for Peace and Cooperation has condemned the Obama administration’s decision to deploy Jeffrey Feltman, an extraordinary envoy, to Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

According to the information acquired from the coalition, the United States has been chastised for sending its ambassador to Ethiopia without altering its policies, which is a clear indicator of weakening the people of the area, and the United States is the major perpetrator of conflict prolongation.

In terms of the coalition, the United States of America is a party to the conflict in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular through backing the TPLF through human rights groups, humanitarian organizations, and different western media outlets.

The coalition emphasized that the TPLF terrorist group has terrorized the Horn of Africa with US help, and that it has been proven that the terrorist group would be powerless without it.

According to the source, until the US stops backing the terrorist organization, the region’s population will be obliged to continue protecting the whole region from the group’s attacks in whatever manner.

The Special Envoy will meet with senior officials in the three nations to explore prospects for the United States, according to reports. The Special Envoy’s first trip to Ethiopia was in May of this year, and it encompassed Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan, and Ethiopia.