Dr. Tedros of WHO is not only causing a pandemic, but he is also tearing Ethiopia apart.


Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has become associated with the harbinger of doom in many ways. The spread of the coronavirus turned into a worldwide calamity and a pandemic under his tainted leadership. And, after years of backing Ethiopia’s anti-government forces, he is now tearing apart his own country. Following nearly eight months of bloodshed in the province, the Ethiopian government declared a cease-fire on state television last week, saying that it would take effect immediately, as soldiers from Tigray’s previous governing party entered Mekelle, eliciting cheers.

The cease-fire, however, was a “sick joke,” according to Tigray military spokesperson Getachew Reda, who told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Tigray troops will push Ethiopian and Eritrean forces out.

After Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accused the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) of planning an attack on a federal military post, the Tigray area descended into chaos. The Ethiopian government responded by deploying troops to Tigray and proclaiming a six-month state of emergency. And, as the crisis worsens, Dr. Tedros is assisting the rebel group and attempting to create a narrative in their favor, obstructing the Ethiopian government’s efforts to reconcile the country.
He was previously accused by the Ethiopian Army of assisting insurgents in Tigray in their secession activities. The army is presently fighting in the Tigray area of the nation, and the army chief has branded Dr. Tedros a criminal and urged him to resign from his post at the WHO. “He has worked in neighboring nations to denounce the war,” the Army Chief stated in a televised interview late last year. He has been assisting them in obtaining weapons.”

Tedros served as Ethiopia’s Health Minister and Foreign Minister from 2005 to 2016, when the TPLF was the country’s most powerful political party. And now he is accused of abandoning the country for which he previously fought, since his rebel organization has been battling the Ethiopian army in the Tigray area. It accurately depicts his nature as a guy who is solely concerned with personal wealth, even if it comes at a high cost to the rest of the world. This is all the more understandable given his tainted time as head of the World Health Organization.

General Birhanu Jula, the Army Chief of Staff, claimed in a televised address that Dr. Tedros is doing everything he can to help separatists and terrorists, including providing weapons for them. The World Health Organization director should be tried for genocide, according to David Steinman, an American economist who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The American economist accused the WHO Director-General of being engaged in instructing Ethiopian security forces that killed, arbitrarily imprisoned, and tortured Ethiopians in a complaint filed at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Despite the Ethiopian government’s unilateral ceasefire, rebels in Ethiopia’s Tigray area, who have received aid from Dr. Tedros on several occasions, warned Tuesday that their soldiers would strive to damage the capabilities of Ethiopian and Eritrean forces. A senior member of Tigray’s regional administration told The New York Times later Tuesday that Tigray’s leadership was dedicated to “weakening or destroying” the Ethiopian and Eritrean forces’ capabilities “wherever they are.”

Tedros has a history of betraying his allegiances and has been linked to the murders of several individuals in Ethiopia, where he was born. Even while he was the Ethiopian government’s Health Minister, just days before becoming the director of the WHO, he was accused of concealing up diseases in the nation. Tedros was accused of covering up to three epidemics in Ethiopia, according to a notable global health specialist who was also an informal counselor to Tedros’s opponent for the WHO head job.

He lied about the virus not being capable of human-to-human transmission even in the early days of the Covid epidemic when China wanted the world to believe it was. When the US and India imposed travel bans on China, he refused to advise it and termed it xenophobic. However, because the EU did not prohibit travel, Italy became the epicenter of Covid, exposing Tedros’ falsehoods.

Dr. Tedros should not be the Director-General of the World Health Organization with so much dirt on him, and his maintaining such a high position demonstrates how corrupted the WHO is.