Election Board warns parties, including ABN, of violating law and order


The Ethiopian National Electoral Board has issued a statement about the election law and campaign rules, in which it warns groups, including ABN, of breaking the law and order.
Ethiopia is currently holding its sixth national referendum, as is common knowledge. Elections are well-known for being vigorous, competitive, and contentious. As a result, political parties are using free airtime, public campaigns, and election forums to promote their candidates. The Amhara National Region has recently hosted a number of performances. The Prosperity Party said in a letter to the board that the Amhara National Movement (ANM) was behind the protests and that the billboards and posters were put up by the ANM.

In the grounds of this allegation, the Board looked into the matter. The Prosperity Party claimed to have called the demonstrations in a tweet, but there was no proof that the Amhara National Movement had called them, either in the attached letter or in the media and social media. As a result, since the protests had no prior interaction with the referendum or political groups, there was no reason to investigate their proposals, slogans, or similar topics. However, the board used social media to monitor the actions of political parties and candidates in relation to the demonstrations.
As a result

Following the protests, the Amhara National Movement (ANM) released a series of statements that used hate speech and inflammatory words, which were immoral and illegal during the election. Among these,
The date of the event is April 12, 2013.

“The Amhara Amhara Dew Narrative and the Fascist Task Force, which is the immediate descendant to this generation’s hate policies, activities, rules, and systems, are hateful, offensive, and inhumane,” he wrote on his official Facebook page.
11th of April, 2013
The ongoing “genocide” against the people of Amhara by the “Independent Commission” is based on an unconfirmed statement.
10th of April, 2013