“Ethiopia has the potential to determine the situation in the Horn of Africa and North East Africa, as it is the main source of the Nile beyond its geo-political interests in the Red Sea region”: Prosperity Party


The geo-political environment in which our country is located in Ethiopia is still the focus of the world as yesterday. Next to the Mediterranean is the Red Sea, one of the world’s most important commercial centres. Dominance in this region is believed to have a significant impact on global politics and economics. And many countries have never stopped coming from other parts of the world, including building villages around the Red Sea, developing ports, building trade routes, and getting involved in regional politics.
Ethiopia is a country that was created and lived with the Red Sea. It has played a significant role in the political, military, and commercial activities of the Red Sea since ancient times. What makes our participation different from other countries is that the source of our interest is related to our proximity to the Red Sea. Even if we wanted to, we could not escape the Red Sea politics. Unfortunately, some people’s interest in the Red Sea seems to be thriving when our country is weak. This is totally unacceptable as a sovereign state. It should be noted that we do not want to lose the interest of our country by force or diplomacy. When we plan to benefit from the Red Sea as a country, we agree with the principle of giving and receiving with all our neighbours, not with anyone. Our diplomatic history can be an example of how we can work together peacefully to achieve common goals.
Ethiopia, in addition to its geo-political significance in the Red Sea region, has the potential to determine the situation in the Horn of Africa and Northeast Africa. Historical records show that since the beginning of Greek civilization, Europeans and Asians have sought to find and control the source of the Nile.
As a result of these two geo-political factors, it is clear that those who are likely to be affected by Ethiopia’s growing influence in the Horn of Africa and the continent may be at risk.
But one thing to note is that in the past and today Ethiopia does not intend to pose any threat to the interests of others. Similarly, we do not want others to influence our country’s interests. Following the change, we have worked to stabilize the region and strengthen our ties with the region. It is clear that the renewed relations with Eritrea and the good relations and ties we have established in the region as a whole are not pleasing to the region’s observers.
It is clear that our country’s recent relationship with Sudan should not be underestimated in light of our long-standing relationship. We are still working to resolve the border dispute peacefully, taking into account centuries of good relations. It is our hope that the Sudanese will emerge from the conflict and stand for a peaceful solution.
The main goal of those who do not want to see Ethiopian civilization is to create a weak Ethiopia. They use three methods. At every opportunity, Ethiopia is embroiled in war with its neighbours, weakening the Ethiopian economy, and pitting Ethiopians against each other locally and religiously. From ancient times, Ethiopia has waged thousands of wars with foreign invaders. The main purpose of these wars is to prevent the country from resting and following its path of civilization. Indeed, the wars have weakened somewhat. In addition to the war, efforts have been made to disrupt the country’s economic growth by seizing Ethiopia’s trade routes, offshore, and preventing it from carrying out major projects with international loans and assistance. This was one of the reasons why Ethiopia’s historic efforts to build the Nile Dam and other dams have failed.
Among the reasons why we could not get the most out of the Nile were lack of funding for the projects, civil war, and the changing political landscape of the world.
Some forces have been inciting and supporting wars in neighbouring Ethiopia, supporting local political rebellions and inciting civil wars, barring donor funds, and so on. It is known that they did their best not to use the Nile.
In the name of access to humanitarian assistance as well as in the name of peace and human rights, pressure is being exerted on Ethiopia. Diplomatic pressure is one of the things that pulls us back as we reform our indigenous economy and work to preserve our political independence. Junta’s criminal activities, which we are forced to classify as terrorists, are easily seen and pressured by our diplomatic partners. Build the Nile with our own money, and work hard to restore our influence in the Red Sea; Rebuilding our broken relationship with Eritrea and establishing a family; We won the Junta war in a way they never expected, Our 10-year Indigenous economic reform plan to grow our own economy; It is clear that there are forces that are not happy that we are moving towards a strong nation by undermining the unity and cooperation of the people.
This is a time for Ethiopians to stand for two things. Our internal affairs and our foreign affairs. We resolve our internal issues through debate, scholarly negotiation and discussion. They were not created overnight. They will not be released overnight. We are the heirs of the age-old problem. The debtor is obliged to do two things. On the one hand, he pays his debts, On the other hand, he solves the problems of his day. This is what we face. Unless it is a matter of time, there is no doubt that we can solve our inner problems.
But external temptation does not give us time. Passengers could argue and compete only if the ship was in its infancy. There is no right, no dialogue, no debate, no negotiation, no cooperation, no competition. The same is true of the country. Our forefathers who lived for the freedom and sovereignty of our country did not fail to be tested by the internal problems of their country.
The forces that are currently causing the conflicts, deaths and displacement of the people in our country will continue to be arrested and the rule of law will be strengthened without any threat to the peace of our country and the existence of our citizens.
To reverse the danger we face today, left and right; It is a time for us to move forward as a speaker, as a counselor, to move forward on our journey to civilization. In particular, we must successfully fulfill our two national missions and ensure that Ethiopia has children. The two national missions are to complete the second phase of the Renaissance Dam and to successfully complete the national election. Both will determine the future of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
We have reached the final stage of concluding the sixth national election in a peaceful and democratic manner. After the registration of candidates and voters, the election campaign and other activities necessary for the election have been completed and the voting process is almost over. Completing this successfully will bring great victory to our country. There is no doubt that Ethiopia’s transition to democracy will take it one step further. On this occasion, we call on all parties to work hard to ensure that the election is democratic and credible.
It will continue to strengthen the rule of law and peace initiated by the government. It also works by mobilizing various bodies and our people to bring our displaced citizens back to their villages as soon as possible. The government will continue to strengthen its reconstruction and humanitarian assistance with partners in the Tigray region.
By treating our religious and ethnic differences as grace alone; As many as we are one; Moving in unison, many; Completing all the projects we have started at the appropriate level and speed; By giving priority to action over words; By supporting our defense to the best of our ability; By focusing our political leadership on the national mission; We call on our diplomats in different parts of the world to stand united in the spirit of Ethiopianness by asserting that they represent Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people in all possible ways, and that they stand by Ethiopia and its people.
On this occasion, Ethiopia has great respect for you, the rare ones you are challenging in the international arena and the Middle East media for the sake of our country’s voice in order to protect the interests of Ethiopia in relation to our Renaissance Dam. You have proved your citizenship beyond words. The determined sons of Ethiopia, who are challenging the impact of our national sovereignty with your skills and your voice, will not be able to distinguish our motherland from its heroes on the battlefield. There is no doubt that history will remember you.
Prosperity Party Executive Committee
May 20, 2013
Addis Ababa