Ethiopians in South Sudan commemorate the tenth anniversary of GERD.


(Ethio File) – Addis Ababa, April 26, 2021 The start of construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has been celebrated by Ethiopians in South Sudan (GERD).

On the occasion, Ethiopian Ambassador to South Sudan, Nebil Mahdi, stated that Ethiopians in South Sudan always support the Ethiopian people and government when assistance is needed.

They aided the Ethiopian National Defense Force when the TPLF Junta invaded the Northern Command Post, and they continue to contribute to the dam project and the “Dine for Ethiopia” initiative, he said.

The ambassador emphasized Ethiopia’s unwavering position in resolving problems with the two riparian countries, saying that GERD is an African project for Africans.

It was announced at the time that Ethiopians in South Sudan had bought GERD bonds in support of the dam’s completion.