Examination of history revels that the West (White people) enslaved, undermined, suppressed, controlled and exploited black people for millennia. In the 1960’s and 1970’s French and American white scientists believed that Blacks are genetically and intellectually inferior to Whites. White scientists propagated these white lies in their universities, seminar halls and power corridors. A Belgian zoo exhibited a Black girl from the Congo as a show animal for public viewing. All these and other examples tell us how the white race views the Black race. I do not believe they would ever change their views. Have you ever wondered why poor nations are poor and why rich countries are the way they are? Why do you think your country is as poor and as weak as it is? Is it all lost and we are all out of luck? The following are my take:


All the members of the Group of Seven (G7) countries; Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States have one thing in common: all of them at some point in their past conquered, enslaved, exploited and subjugated black, brown or indigenous people. Except for Japan, six of the G7 countries also belong to one of the strongest military alliances in the world: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).In 2018, the G7 accounted for over 60% of worldwide net worth ($317 trillion), 32–46% of global GDP, and 770 million people, or 10% of the world’s population. In global politics, the majority of members are Great Powers with close economic, military, and diplomatic ties. In this day and age, these countries and others like them collaborated and coordinated to economically and militaristically isolate and defeat several nations that attempted to safeguard their national interest and stood up to these powerful countries. Masqueraded as humanitarian interventions, NATO’s aggression of Afghanistan and Libya are notable examples of destruction and chaos sponsored by the G7 countries and their allies. The economic arms (the World Bank group, the International Monetary Fund and et al) of the G7 countries and their allies wreak havoc on poorer African countries in the name of structural adjustment, privatization, economic liberalization, free market, democracy, free press and similar mumbo jumbo. Using similar play book and battle cries year after years, these G7 countries and their allies come to Africa and poorer corners of the world as a wolf in a sheep’s clothing. Where ever they go, they cause exploitation, control, devastation, destruction, mayhem, and death. Once again, we say to the G7, NATO and et al, if you cannot help is develop and transform, do not try to stop us. We say to you, all human life is equal! We Ethiopians, are humans just like you are!


The west peddled globalization as an all-empowering tool that could bring about progress and prosperity to historically disadvantaged countries. Starting in the 1960’s, the West pushed on us, political, economic and cultural globalization. In the name of reform Western nations forced poorer countries to adopt various political, economic and social changes that are highly damaging to host nations. Leaders that opposed the West and their Globalization smeared mumbo jumbo were removed from power or eliminated. The globalization of production and its shift to low-wage countries is the most significant and dynamic transformation of the neoliberal era. Its fundamental driving force is what some economists call “global labor arbitrage”: the efforts by firms in Europe, North America, and Japan to cut costs and boost profits by replacing higher-waged domestic labor with cheaper foreign labor, achieved either through emigration of production aka “outsourcing,” or through immigration of workers. Reduction in tariffs and removal of barriers to capital flows have spurred the migration of production to low-wage countries, but militarization of borders and rising xenophobia have had the opposite effect on the migration of workers from these countries—not stopping it altogether, but inhibiting its flow and reinforcing migrants’ vulnerable, second-class status. As a result, factories freely cross the U.S.-Mexican border and pass with ease through the walls of Fortress Europe, as do the commodities produced in them and the capitalists who own them, but the human beings who work in them have no right of passage. This is a travesty of globalization—a world without borders to everything and everyone except for working people. Basically, globalization is another term for exploitation of the poorer nations by the rich countries. I say, be highly suspicious of Western prescribed poison pills such as Globalization and create your own system to pull your country and your people out of poverty.


An expression uttered by Katha Upanishad about 800 BCE comes to mind: “Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinking themselves wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither, like blind led by the blind. “. This is the status of our political, economic and social elites in Black Africa for millennia. Honestly speaking how intelligent are our elites? How meticulously and capably could our elites discern the workings of this devilishly selfish world? How well read are our political and economic leaders? Do our elites truly and deeply understand the workings of this conspiratorial world? Everyone runs to fill their belly and pockets. No one cares about the common black person. In the so-called Post-colonization Africa, White consultants, white advisors and white experts swarmed the palaces and power corridors of Sub-Sharan African nations. These white devils clung to our veins to devilishly lead us astray. All their “advises” and “assists” are designed to keep our leaders as ignorant as possible and exploit our people. one word for our brothers and sisters in Sub-Sharan Africa: please read more, open your eyes, travel widely and learn how selfish this world is and work genuinely to save our mother land Africa and Ethiopia. Please end the tell of the blind leading the blind and see the light of wisdom, intellect, experience and duplicity. Lead with knowledge, expertise, integrity, self-less devotion and 100% honesty.


YOU CANNOT BEG AND BOW YOUR WAY OUT OF POVERTY! Only, MIGHT IS RIGHT! No country got itself out of poverty and neediness by begging and bowing! Brute strength, intellectual deftness, and the power of the purse shaped the course of world history. And this fact is not going to change anytime soon. This world understands strength, power and influence. Weather you hit the rock or the rock hits you, you get hurt. In diplomacy, sometimes giving up is gaining (until you have the necessary power to demand your rights). World history teaches us that truth never wins, only might is right. Bid your time until you are mighty, if you struggle before your time the mighty will squelch you like a cockroach. For centuries Ethiopia could not break the Malthusian poverty trap. We have no other option. We must develop and grow ourselves out of abject poverty. All notable examples of growth and development around the world have been fuelled by the ingenuity of the population of a country. Presence of a viable political system, selfless visionary real intelligentsia, fully engaged citizenry, properly educated work force, budding free market, peace and stability are universally acclaimed ingredients that help transform a nation. Let us be brutally honest. No one has Ethiopia’s interest at heart. All foreign governments, multitudes of international organizations, the myriads of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the international media, the countless number of influence gatherings and groups all work to primarily advance their own interest(s). we have one option, that is develop ourselves out of poverty and reclaim our rightful spot at the global economic, militaristic, political, developmental, and social arena.