How did US sanctions make Turkey stronger?


The withdrawal of the US-led F-35 fighter jet from Turkey is nothing new to a population that has recently faced a number of Western sanctions.

All of this prompted Turkey to build dozens of defenses along its way.

Turkey has undergone many changes in the last ten years alone. Experts have long described Turkey as a country that produces its own, unique defense products — some of which have already been tested in war.

We will also see a change in the manufacturer-customer balance as you speed up the process of becoming a major defense supplier.

At the 15th International Defense Exhibition (IDEF 2021), the Turkish Defense Industry recently unveiled its own hand-made weapons.

The exhibition was organized by the President of the Republic of Turkey in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defense, the President of the Industrial Industries (SSB) and the Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV).

It hosted 1,283 companies from 83 countries and attracted 169 delegates, including senior officials from 83 countries and 76,010 visitors. Some 394 members of the press also attended the IDEF Bazaar.

One of the major aviation products of the Turkish aerospace industry (TAI) is Bairaktar’s latest unmanned aerial vehicles – known as game changers.

This special aircraft uses an electric motor to take off and land. Therefore, you do not need an airport or catapult launcher to take off.