Joint Council of Political Parties Rejects Observers that Meddle in Sovereignty of Ethiopia


7th of May, 2021 (ENA) The Joint Council of Ethiopian Political Parties declared today that international election monitors who want to meddle in Ethiopia’s domestic relations and sovereignty will be turned away.

The joint council emphasized the importance of national and foreign observers respecting Ethiopia’s constitution and sovereignty.

At the close of its two-day deliberations on the 6th General Election, it issued a press conference on the resolutions it had passed.

According to the council, the European Union should observe the pre-election, election, and post-election processes and include testimonies.

It should, however, be required to observe the election while upholding the country’s constitution and sovereignty.

Alamirew Yerdaw, the Joint Council’s Parties Affair and Training Coordinator, said the council would not tolerate the union interfering in the country’s internal affairs or sovereignty.

Even if all political parties have differing viewpoints, they are committed to respecting Ethiopia’s sovereignty and do not jeopardize their identity as Ethiopians, he said.

The EU has been witnessing unfair polls in the region for years, according to Alamirew, and its arguments for failing to attend the world’s first free election are inexcusable.

He emphasized that all national and foreign observers who want to see the election would honor Ethiopia’s constitution and sovereignty.