Ethiopia sparks light for African solutions through GERD negotiation


Experts say Ethiopia has set a milestone in putting Africa’s objective of “African solutions to African problems” into practice.

Ethiopia’s robust position of enduring African resolve, according to international law expert Tadesse Kassa (PhD), will boost all Africans’ confidence in opposing all types of foreign intrusions.

According to him, the issue between Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt may be easily resolved since the African Union has its own structured funding source and expertise, and African countries such as Chad, Senegal, Niger, and South Africa have experience with trans-border river usage. Ethiopia has reiterated its commitment to using African-developed remedies in this situation.

“Egypt and Sudan used to take the posture of supporting African-made resolutions, even while they were lobbying for non-African action. They are currently, however, carrying out actions in accordance with Arab League, EU, and international diplomacy.

Sudan and Egypt, according to Oumer Redi, a political analyst and media expert, have sponsored advertising aimed at building UNSC-led pressure. “It appears that the two nations are unwilling to follow the AU’s solution. Unlike them, Ethiopia has taken a firm stance in favor of an African solution, which would enable Ethiopia and Africans to make their own decisions, he explained.

“The second wave of dam filling can clearly demonstrate Ethiopia’s ability to be a frontline player in stimulating Africa’s economy. There may be various issues among countries, but Ethiopia’s approach may be considered the greatest answer for effectively limiting future difficulties in the Horn in particular, as well as the whole continent in general,” he said.