Westerners are employing old strategies to destabilize countries


Attempts to undermine countries under the cover of help have long since become obsolete. Of course, it goes without saying that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Both the terrorist TPLF and its western architects have a script to which they return again and time again. Their adamant demand for a new humanitarian corridor via the Ethiopian-Sudanese border is identical to the last one.

The issue is, if you fool me twice, I’ll believe you. The bottom line is that demand is out of control. It’s only to further a concealed purpose. There is no complacency on the Ethiopian side as to who is being cared for in Sudan under the guise of refugees, which could number in the hundreds of thousands of Samir youngsters. Those Samir teenagers who carried out the Maiandra atrocity, which was well-planned by the terrorist TPLF, are still hiding.

As USAID Administrator Samantha Power witnessed, there is enough aid, approximately 58 thousand metric tons, stored in inland warehouses to feed not only the people of Tigray, but also those who have been displaced in other regions as a result of the terrorist group’s provocation, while the government remains committed to its unilateral humanitarian ceasefire decision. This is why the corridor issue serves as a fig leaf for some other objective.

Despite the government’s efforts to provide a secure route for humanitarian aid in the Tigray region, the Prime Minister’s Office recently stated that there is still a concerted campaign to influence the international community by some western media outlets.

Those who claim to be concerned about the difficulties on the ground in Ethiopia, particularly those in the Tigray region, should acknowledge the government’s efforts, encourage them, and support them. The government has demonstrated its commitment to Tigray residents by rebuilding what terrorists destroyed and delivering relief to the people, as well as establishing a unilateral ceasefire to allow people to engage in farming operations during the rainy season.

Any rational person can tell you who is using famine as a weapon to achieve their heinous goals. Not only is the terrorist TPLF delaying relief convoys, but it is also disrupting farming activity. Farmers are looking forward to the rainy season. Furthermore, humanitarian goods put in Tigray warehouses during the Ethiopian National Defense Force’s exit from the region demonstrates the government’s care for the people. That is something the international media should think about.

Few elements operating under the guise of aids and the media must also avoid worsening situations. The inhabitants of Tigray are being held captive by the terrorist gang. And so-called relief workers and the media should be aware that they are complicit in such atrocities. The Ethiopian government has granted unrestricted access to relief workers and the media in order to alleviate problems and protect the safety of Tigrayans.

Criminals must be brought to justice. Furthermore, the world community must recognize a true solution and exert pressure on the terrorist group to face punishment. Attempting to adopt the same ruse as some western elements are doing accomplishes no use.

Source: The Ethiopian Herald August 7/2021