Saturday, December 4, 2021
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The Government of Ethiopia is working tirelessly for the security of our country and all of its citizens


Ethiopia is currently facing great security challenges from both internal and external threats, by those whose aim is to destabilize and weaken a country of more than 100+ million people.

These rogue actors have boldly declared their goal of overthrowing the democratically elected Government of Ethiopia and their desire to put in place their own puppets, who surely do not have the well-being of the people in mind.

Our plea to our international partners is to understand and support the Ethiopian Government in defending the people’s choice and in uniting against the TPLF terrorist and divisive agenda.

The Government of Ethiopia is working tirelessly for the security of our country and all of its citizens. There are those within our country who are working with the TPLF terrorists and may be falsely accusing innocent Tigrayans, to retaliate against them and to make a case for their terrorist insurgency agenda. There are also other actors who seek to grossly capitalize on our country’s crisis.

To address this, we have established a committee to assess all the actions and procedures taken by federal police and other partner institutions in an effort to determine when there is misconduct and hold those actors accountable.

We are also working with Tigrayan advocacy groups to help us check and evaluate procedures and ensure the innocent are protected.

During this extremely testing time, we acknowledge there may be some missteps and mistakes made and we are committed to being diligent in refining our procedures judiciously.

Our unity is our strength. Ethiopia must remain united in our fight for sovereignty and peace. We thank all of our allies who continue to help us in this endeavor.

Source: Dr. Abraham Belay

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