Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Egyptian Media Trying to Fuel Conflict in Ethiopia: Arab Affairs Experts


According to Arab affairs specialists, some Egyptian media outlets are purposefully fuelling the present crisis in Ethiopia in order to undermine the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) by upsetting the country’s political and economic security.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Jemal Bashir, a renowned Ethiopian activist on GERD and the head of the Nile Kings Channel in the United States, said Egyptian media outlets, particularly Al-Ahram and Daily News Egypt, are reporting on Ethiopia’s disintegration on an average of five times per day.

He stated that the majority of the substance of these media stories focuses on the violence in Ethiopia’s northern region, with falsified material implying that the country is on the verge of collapse.

According to Jemal, Egypt’s present leadership is one of the West’s closest allies, particularly the United States, which supports Egypt’s stance on the GERD and gives Egypt with a significant amount of military aid each year.

“In the world of politics, there is no free lunch,” he claims. The United States has a national interest in improving bilateral relations with Egypt and pursuing its Middle East objectives.”

Any political event in the Middle East necessitates Egyptian engagement, and the aid Egypt receives from the United States is not free, according to the activist, who also added that Egypt’s media is now involved in Ethiopia’s domestic affairs as part of this collaboration.

The Egyptian media, which is attempting to inflame the Ethiopian dispute, has another goal, according to Jemal.

“They intend to destabilize the country’s political and economic security in order to sabotage the GERD construction.”

Professor Adam Kamil, an expert on Ethio-Arab relations, stated that Ethiopia’s instability has a severe impact on the entire region, especially the Middle East.

The objective of some Western nations’ falsehoods regarding Ethiopia, notably the United States and Egyptian media outlets, is to ruin the country’s image, create unrest, and prevent Ethiopia from harnessing its natural resources by building GERD, according to the professor.

Professor Adam Kamel urged Egypt to work with Ethiopia since cooperation is the best way to resolve the GERD problem and assure mutual gain.

Everything that is going on in Ethiopian politics, as well as the continued pressure from the West, is tied in some way to the dam problem, according to the expert.

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