Residents of North Shoa Zone of Amhara State have called on the government to immediately address the security situation in the area.


Bahir Dar, March 19 (WIC) – Residents of Ataye town in Ephratana Gedim Woreda of North Shoa Zone of Amhara State said that gunfire was heard at around 3pm yesterday.

Residents said there had been occasional shootings in the area, but now there was an attack with heavy artillery.

Residents said they were unable to leave their homes due to heavy gunfire in the area, but said they did not know the casualties but had seen the bodies of their neighbors being found.

They said the government should have taken security measures in the past as the area was already known to be in trouble.

They also called on the government to protect the local community.

Residents say bank robberies and looting have taken place.

Residents said federal police entered late, but the exchange of fire did not stop.

North Shoa Zone Peace and Public Security Department Head, Abera Mekonnen, said shots have been fired in the North Shoa Zone, Ephratana Gedim Woreda of Amhara State and Jile Tumuga areas of the Oromo Nationality Administration Zone.

They said a man was shot dead in the Ataye area, but was released through mediation after a discussion with the authorities.

They told us that after the shooting, the security forces were mobilized and the federal police were called in.

They said the problem was beyond control and that there was not enough security forces to control it.

They said the shooting was accompanied by heavy artillery fire. He explained that the shooting has calmed down a bit and that stabilization and other activities are underway.

They said security forces were being called in to control the situation, adding that some areas were closed and occupied, adding that efforts were being made to control the situation.

They said the damage to people and property would be investigated and made public in the future.