Sheriff Elser, Egypt’s top security official and activist for President Sisi’s government leaked a piece of information about GERD


Sheriff Elser, Egypt’s top security official and activist for President Sisi’s government; An amazing piece of information has even been leaked to the Nile Online. Sheriff is a pro-Sisi activist and a child under special protection who can access the country’s security information.

Sheriff’s remark provoked outrage among Egyptians. Even Ahmed Moussa, a journalist who has been working for the media; Criticized. Journalist Ahmed Musa’s condemned the TPLF’s withdrawal from the Afar region, saying it should not have happened.

Sheriff, for his part, said Tigray’s forces were successfully targeting the Renaissance Dam, which could take time, but that Egypt was not a small country. As a result of this speech, the sheriff is being criticized by the Egyptians.

By the way, Sheriff’s statement is correct. The TPLF, which has withdrawn from Sudan seven times, has failed in a deadly battle to control the Renaissance Dam. The 27,000 Samri and Gumuz groups who are carrying out this mission are undergoing training in Sudan and are awaiting orders. Our government has full information on this and monitoring their every minute activities. The important thing Ethiopian people should know is that the TPLF is waging a proxy war. Egypt’s security intelligence and media chiefs are saying this publicly. The TPLF says my problem is with the federal government, with the people of Amhara and it’s elite. It is the language of political communication that they have deliberately fabricated.

The TPLF’s problem is with 120 million Ethiopians. Abiy Ahmed is in Addis Ababa, not Guba Mountain. The people of Amhara or elite are on their own territory, not under Mount Guba
So what did the TPLF need to do to control the Renaissance Dam with 27,000 troops? ? “What is the connection between the demolition of the dam and the struggle for the benefit of the people of Tigray?”
They have nothing to do with each other. The TPLF’s goal is one and the same: to destroy the country’s largest economic and political institutions and eventually the country.