Signs of Kidney diseases


Signs of Kidney Disease

  • You see blood in your urine. When kidneys filter wastes from the blood to make urine, they usually keep the blood cells in the body, but when the filters in the kidneys are broken, the blood cells can “leak” out into the urine. Blood in the urine can indicate malignancies, kidney stones, or an infection, in addition to renal disease.
  • Your urine is foamy. Excessive bubbles in the urine, especially those that require multiple flushes to disappear, suggest the presence of protein in the urine. Because the common protein found in urine, albumin, is the same protein found in eggs, this foam may resemble the foam you see when scrambling eggs.
  • You’re experiencing persistent puffiness around your eyes. Protein in the urine is a symptom that the filters in the kidneys have been damaged, allowing protein to flow into the urine. Your kidneys may be leaking a high amount of protein into the urine rather than storing it in the body, causing puffiness around your eyes.
  • Your ankles and feet are swollen. Reduced renal function can cause salt retention, which causes edema in the feet and ankles. Heart illness, liver disease, and chronic leg vein problems can all cause swelling in the lower limbs.
  • You have a poor appetite. This is a very common symptom, but one of the explanations could be a buildup of toxins due to decreased renal function.
  • Your muscles are cramping. Impaired renal function can lead to electrolyte abnormalities. Muscle cramping can be caused by low calcium levels and poorly managed phosphorus, for example.