Terrorist Organizations TPLF, Shene – East Africa’s Emerging Terror Alliance


The people and government of Ethiopia were not surprised by the terrorist TPLF’s affiliation with another terrorist group, Shene, because both parties had been classified as terrorists by the House of People’s Representatives back in May 2021.

The two destructive forces formally announced alliance on Wednesday of this week, and it has become much more public and an acknowledgement.

“The new thing on Wednesday’s public announcement by the terrorist TPLF and Shene organizations that they have acknowledged their alliance openly is a pronouncement of the destructive actions against the stability of Ethiopia as a state,” said PM Office Press Secretary Billene Seyoum.

Of course, the two terrorist groups have committed a slew of crimes in Ethiopia, notably in the last three years, and they continue to operate as major destabilizing forces in the country, with terrorism being a common characteristic on both sides.

The TPLF and Shene were behind a series of violent attacks on citizens in various regions of the nation in an attempt to undo the reforms that had been achieved through the Ethiopian people’s fight. Many people died, many were displaced, and many more were injured.

Furthermore, they created a continual state of dread in communities and eroded public faith in the government. There is proof that all of these crimes were committed in order to destabilize, undermine, and jeopardize the country’s very survival.

In this sense, the TPLF and Shene’s illegal activities are completely consistent with the definition of terrorism set out in Article 3 of Proclamation No. 1176/2020 on the Prevention and Control of Terrorism.

Whereas, as part of their ongoing demonization and misrepresentation of Ethiopia, the world media appears to only trust this new proclamation of evil alliance when it comes from terrorist organizations in the ‘h’ region.

TPLF and Shene have long been fierce political rivals, notably while the terrorist TPLF was in power. For the people of Oromia, the terrorist TPLF has been a cruel organisation that has imprisoned and killed many Oromo young and outspoken opponents of the regime over the last 27 years.

Taye Dendea, the Public Relations Head of the Prosperity Party’s Oromia Branch, is a living witness to the slaughter of many Oromos and the relocation of half a million Oromos. Because of his political convictions, he was also imprisoned for years by the TPLF-led dictatorship.

Shene did nothing to rescue Oromo lives while these intimidation and atrocities were taking place. And now it has announced to the entire world that it has formed a political partnership with the TPLF.

Let us not forget that the TPLF tortured, displaced, and killed many Oromos by identifying them as Shene members. The people of Oromia have been opposing this disastrous coalition from the announcement of the alliance.

The traitorous TPLF and Shene, like the Somalia-based terrorist organisation Al-Shabaab, are demonstrating that they are members of the East African terrorist players outside Ethiopia with this avowed terror alliance. This may put the entire Horn of Africa and beyond in jeopardy.

It’s crucial to recall that the terrorist TPLF had been attempting to provoke a regional and international crisis by shooting rockets at Asmara’s airport.

As a result, the entire globe must band together to fight these associated terrorist groups, and the United States of America, which has waged a decades-long anti-terrorism effort, must identify the linkages and goals.