Terrorist TPLF armed forces are trying to enter from Sudan


According to a local activist, the Ethiopian government has highly comprehensive information regarding a proxy war scheme engineered by a collaborative effort of some western and regional facilitators of the terrorist TPLF, who are currently busy massing TPLF loyalist armed units along the Ethiopian-Sudan border.

According to reports, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Sudan has recognized the majority of the terrorist infiltrators as refugees.

Activist Dejene Assefa told local media that TPLF fighters have been trained and armed in Sudan in order to enter Ethiopian territory, and that the government is on high alert to take proper measures and effectively control their useless endeavor.

“After executing a massacre in Ethiopia’s Maikadra village, terrorist TPLF soldiers entered Sudan as refugees, where they were trained by a former Ethiopian military attaché in New Work who was also a member of the terrorist TPLF. He stated, “This squad has now completed military training and is ready to launch an attack against Ethiopia.”

Though the TPLF terrorist wing headquartered in Sudan’s UN Rakuba refugee camp sought to assist the TPLF in its strike at Humera two months ago, it was foiled by Ethiopian forces working together, he claimed. Senator Chris Coons, President Joe Biden’s special envoy, and Pekka Haavisto, the European Union’s top official, as well as USAID Director Samantha Power, paid a visit to the camp.

One of the terrorist leaders claimed to have 30,000 soldiers in Sudan, it should be remembered. The information was revealed in a recent edition of the Financial Times. Many people said at the time TPLF has once again shot itself in the foot by being honest against their own good, much like who initiated the war. They have acknowledged to having 30,000 fighters in Sudan, which is understandable given that they were not present before to the war.