Terrorist TPLF Forcing Mothers To Send Children To War


31 July 2021 – Addis Abeba –Abaypress According to Tigray Democratic Party, the TPLF terror group has committed war crimes, forcing mothers to send their children to war (TDP).

In his speech with TDP head Teshale Nigusse and Head of Political Affairs, Hagos Gidey, ENA on the current situation in Tigray declared that the terrorist group had violated children’s rights for political benefit.

The leaders added that the terrorist TPLF is hiding such facts in order to escape the fact that their moms have been obliged to send their children to war. Head of TDP, Teshale Negussie claimed TPLF is very cautious to maintain their atrocities

In addition, the gang had erased proof that child soldiers had been deployed in the fighting when over 60,000 were martyred and power was captured by the previous government.

TDP head of policy, Hagos Gidey, on his part said Tigray’s nemesis is the terrorist TPLF used to sacrifice children for expanding its powers.

Tigray people have to quit dreaming of a return to power by the TPLF terrorist group, because the terrorist group’s structure is shattered. The head of the Tigrayan diaspora accused the brutality of innocent Tigrayans for brushing away.

The party officials, who underlined the possibility to assure the existence of tigrayans in Ethiopia alone, pointed out that their cruelty to kill the poor while they live comfortably indicates their selfishness and less concern for others.

Yet the Tigrayan Diaspora members unfortunately did not reach youngsters that need food and medical assistance, but they supported the terrorist group.
The leaders have said that the annihilation of the terrorist group will compensate for the scarification of the Tigrayan people.
The TDP commanders commanded all Ethiopians’ continuous efforts to liberate their brother Tigrayans from the terrorist organisation.

Source: FBC