The Amhara Regional State Government Agegnew Teshager urges the federal government to provide an immediate solution to the killings in Amhara


He said the OLF Shene group is known for attacking Amhara in particular, adding that the Benishangul-Gumuz Liberation Front is also targeting Amhara.

He also said that the problem facing the people of Amhara is increasing day by day. He said the regional government was saddened by the recent killings and concerned that if this issue is not addressed, it will make it difficult for the country’s citizens to live in tolerance.

The federal government must intensify its security efforts; Our killers are well known; He said action should be taken against them.

He called on the Benishangul Gumuz, Oromia and the federal government to take action against the killers and stated that the states are ready to work together in enforcing the law.
Agegnehu explains that there may be political differences in state building, but children and mothers should not die. We are tired of expressing our grief, we want the issue to be resolved; He said the Amhara state government needs urgent consultations and talks. He also called for an end to the violence.

He also called on the Ethiopian people to stand by those who are being killed for being Amharas. He said the people of our country should support our feelings. Forces that take advantage of this situation to try to disrupt the unity of our country will not succeed.

He also said the people of the region should continue to work together knowing that we will overcome the challenges we face. Political parties and community activists must stand together. He mentioned that there are people who want to make a profit. “We are asking the federal government to provide an immediate solution,” he said.

The head of state, who said that OLF Shene has entered our region beyond Oromia, wants to tell us about the presence and absence of OLF Shene. There are those who want to tell us what kind of statement we should make.

If we want to achieve what we set out to do, murder must stop. We will solve the problem in a short time, The whole nation is on our side.

In a statement, the President said Amhara will continue to strengthen its role in the state. He said Amhara is a people that wants Ethiopian unity to be strengthened and will not compromise on Ethiopianness.

“We will work to win our Ethiopian unity and we will win,” he said. “We will bring our killers to justice unless it is a matter of time,” he said.

Those who say the people of Amhara are not resentful, the president prioritizes brotherhood; If anyone thinks that killing us will change our perception of Ethiopia, he will not succeed.