The decision of the Arab League regarding the Renaissance Dam is unacceptable: The Ethiopian government


Addis Ababa: June 20, 2014 (Abaypress) The government has condemned the decision of the Arab League on the Renaissance Dam in Qatar.

The Ethiopian government has issued a statement saying that the decision was unbalanced and one-sided.

The league is expected to play a constructive role in accepting the grievances of Egypt and Sudan, but it has failed, the statement said.

On the statement, making the Renaissance Dam an international and political issue is not a trade-off that will benefit the Nile River through cooperation and sustainability in the region.

The Arab League member states need to know the use of the Nile River and Ethiopia’s position.

It is a project that will lift millions of Ethiopians out of poverty, ensure energy supply, water supply and food security.

The government says Ethiopia has exercised its natural right to abide by international water laws.

In addition, Ethiopia firmly believes that the riparian countries are a way of ensuring water security through cooperation and dialogue.

The Nile is a common resource, not a separate Egyptian and Sudanese resource, the statement said.

That is why the government condemns the unbalanced Arab League, which has sidelined other Nile Basin countries.

The government said the organization has followed a useless and misguided approach to the Nile issue.

He believes that the Arab League member states will reconsider their decision without considering the negotiations under the auspices of the African Union.

The Ethiopian government has said it does not fully accept the league’s position on filling the Renaissance Dam.

Instead, as a regional organization, the government called on the three countries to come up with a mutually beneficial solution.