The number of soldiers graduating from each training camp is staggering


The number of soldiers graduating from each training camp is staggering. Sometimes we find that the expression “all things are for good” for us is all-wise. The TPLF’s threat to Ethiopia is costing us, but it can be said to have brought good things to Ethiopia.

We gained two things. One is that the Ethiopian people, who have been exposed to the TPLF’s Goth politics, have been reunited by the TPLF insane war. It is the TPLF’s insane war that has made the people of Ethiopia, who have been condemned by the TPLF government to be proud of their national identity, to live in a culture of equality and dignity, to live together in Ethiopia, to be proud of their Ethiopian identity.

The second is that it has a great opportunity to mobilize the defense force in terms of manpower and Ethiopian missions. To be honest, if the TPLF hadn’t dragged us into this war, the people would not have joined the ranks of the defense. The TPLF’s boldness in Ethiopia is like a tsunami for the younger generation to join the army. This great opportunity has provided an opportunity to strengthen our defense at the height of Ethiopia. History testifies that when this black lion is touched, it will not return to anyone.

Graduating from each training camp will also help the military to strengthen Ethiopia militarily. I have no doubt that the move by the states will make Ethiopia majestic in the eyes of its enemies. It is believed that this overall strengthening of our defense will take into account not only the TPLF but also its historical enemies (Egypt, Sudan).

And thanks be to God for giving us such a heart, so that we may be able to say, You even reached Mother Ethiopia. You are a generation of historians, you are ready to write history. Happy graduation. Congratulations.