Tigray has begun COVID-19 test campaign.


Ethiopia: – On Wednesday, International Clinical Laboratories (ICL) announced the introduction of a free Covid-19 research service in Tigray for 50,000 individuals.

After obtaining approval from the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) and the Federal Ministry of Health, the Laboratory launched the mega campaign earlier this week in cooperation with the Tigray Health Bureau and Mekele Hospital.

The research campaign is planned to spread across the country, and in addition to Tigray’s public health services, ICL is working with other private health facilities to provide free Covid-19 testing to those who cannot afford it.
Tamrat Bekele, CEO of ICL- Ethiopia, said, “We are incredibly excited to support the people of Tigray through this research campaign.”

“We hope this can help improve the COVID-19 solution and prevent the virus from spreading further in the community,” Tamrat said. “COVID-19 tests can be expensive, particularly for low-income families and others who are struggling financially.” And it’s all part of ICL’s plan to make Covid-19 testing more available.

With 110 employees and 84 million ETB in research materials and laboratory facilities, ICL Ethiopia, in partnership with a non-profit organisation, will conduct and extend the Free COVID campaign to other areas.

The research stations in Mekele will accommodate 600 people and have test results in less than 24 hours.