TPLF authorities are on disagreement


It is known that the leaders of the Junta were fighting each other in the town of Afar Uwa yesterday, August 30, 2013.

Invasion of the Junta in the wake of the recent defeat and defeat of the invading Junta:

The clashes erupted between the Junta’s political leaders and the military wing, who clashed after a lot of arguing and blaming each other for being responsible. As a result, three Junta political leaders (TPLF leaders) and one military wing (TDF) have been killed and four others wounded, and two leaders have been injured.

Although it is already known that there is a big difference between the TPLF political leaders and the military wing leaders, their differences and differences have escalated to the point of death due to the unexpected military defeat and the diplomatic acceptance they are losing to the international community. It was learned that there was a similar killing on the front of the network yesterday.

Of course, genocide is the TPLF’s ancient history, but what makes the current genocide unique is that its military wing is targeting TPLF political leaders . Notice that it is the TPLF that is still the killer and the killer .

At this time, the TPLF and its leaders are being rejected not only by the military wing but also by the people of Tigray and the elites of Tigray. It is the position of the people and elites of Tigray that “it is the TPLF that has caused all this massacre of children and youth in Tigray and all this humiliation and suffering”.

“In the past, the TPLF government has recruited 60,000 Tigrayan youths and is now doing nothing for us. It is being said that most of the people of Tigray and elite are getting angry and frustrated