Two of the TPLF Fighters telling the truth


According to the Defense Forces, this invading and plundering TPLF group came up with the calculation of the Wadi Reda’s account.

One of the commanders of the front, Colonel Habtamu Mihrete, said that he was able to repel the enemy’s repeated attacks this week with the forces of the front, led by members of our army.

A large number of Junta forces were destroyed and captured during the operation, including anti-tank, anti-tank, Bren, Launcher and sniper rifles; More than 15,600 rounds of ammunition, radio and cell phones, and silver notes were seized from the enemy.

According to information obtained from the Defense Forces, the commander said that the support of the people of Dejenu for the eradication of the apostate Junta, which is the cancer of our country, is contributing to the victory.