We Urge Our Citizens to Form an Organized Defence Against the Ever-Dangerous State Terror!


That our party, the National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), has worked tirelessly to overcome for good the constitutionally and structurally ingrained political betrayal of our people over many years; and, on the other hand, to save our people and country from existential challenges in alliance with affirmative powers, is a fact acknowledged by all sincere observers.

Despite the fact that our diligence is not a gift to anyone, we have arrived here without losing confidence in the prospect of “a better tomorrow” even in the most trying circumstances.

Apart from our unceasing efforts to ground fundamental ideas of change and enable the people to achieve sustainable peace and empowerment by straightening up the incorrect organizational narrative and imbalanced structural and systemic framework, as we repeatedly emphasized to the government, NaMA and Amhara people in particular have played a critical role in all efforts to prevent the collapse of the central system.

Despite this,

1/ Our country’s Prime Minister and the Oromo Prosperity Party, which he leads, have escalated their atrocities against Amhara citizens by deploying state machinery and national resources, as well as abetting, funding, and even commandeering state terror. The state establishment, according to NaMA, is actively supporting and commanding the large-scale genocide undertaken to terrorize our people. The following main cases in point may be presented.

a/ The sabotage from the start, in which the party known as “OLF-Shanne” by the Prime Minister infiltrated the country armed to the teeth;

b/ That the Premier’s former hidden association with the said organisation, which has been referred to by many, including himself, is well established, and our movement claims the PM is still organising, helping, and cultivating his lifelong partner in different ways;

c/ That the “OLF-Shanne” core strategic leadership, based in central Addis Ababa, is enabled and aided in consolidating its influence by orchestrating even open-air bank looting;

d/ That, in addition to putting an end to the recurrent racist attacks against the Amhara people, the horrific slaughter itself has been refused a national note of condolences, and the Prime Minister continues to inflict grotesque public insults on our grieving spirit by holding red carpet ceremonies for building and garden launches;

e/ That, when the ethnic assault on the Amhara people was being prepared and orchestrated, top government officials proceeded to give preemptive public speeches calling for the execution of genocidal crimes without suffering any administrative or political repercussions;

As a result, our campaign is made to assume that the Prime Minister and his government are complicit in the genocidal and terrorist attacks against the Amhara people.

2/ The Amhara regional government is unable to escape its normal and customary state of servitude, and its growing callousness and fickleness has brought our people unprecedented social shame;

NaMA has come to the realization that the Amhara people must depart from their traditional route and join a concerted and escalated chapter of the fight for their own life. And NaMA will be at the vanguard of the battle.

The National Amhara Movement also firmly encourages all Amhara citizens to exercise their inherent right to self-preservation by acknowledging the impending existential crisis and accepting that there is no state to protect them. In these trying times, we implore our people to maintain and protect their unity against the subtle challenges posed by individuals and groups masquerading as friends but acting as enemies.

We appeal to all Ethiopians, both at home and abroad, who care for their fellow countrymen and women, to understand that the imminent threat will not be limited to the Amhara. We therefore urge you to condemn the Ethiopian government’s systemic genocidal project. We implore them to assist in the resettlement of the hundreds of thousands of Amharas who have been internally displaced.

We urge those who support the government out of a sincere desire to help your country to reconsider the current crisis in the country, raise questions, and stand by your marginalized compatriots.

We also extend our historic call to all Amhara’s living in Ethiopia and abroad to fulfil their responsibilities of saving the people by recognizing that the country is drenched in Amhara blood every day, and that Amhara people are facing a general existential threat; to urgently abandon the customary groundless and fickle politics that would result in moral and historical accountability, and take a stand for the people.

Our struggle will ensure our survival!

We Will Scribe Our Fate in Our Own Hands!