Western powers plotting to impose pressure on Ethiopia must refrain: Russia


Russia will continue to be a loyal and reliable partner of Ethiopia, Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia Evgeny Terkin said.

Speaking to local media, Ambassador Evgeny Terkin noted that Russia and Ethiopia have a 120-year relationship.

He said friendship between the two countries is currently strengthening in many fields.

“Relations between the two countries have been growing steadily since the 19th century,” he said. “Russia is a reliable and loyal partner for Ethiopia.”

The Ambassador said the relationship between Russia and Ethiopia is based on friendship, cooperation and respect.

He said Russia and Ethiopia are currently working to strengthen their ties in the fields of diplomacy, trade and economy.

He also recalled the meeting between Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in June.

According to the Ambassador, efforts are being made by both countries to translate the agreements reached between the two countries on military, technical cooperation and peaceful nuclear power development.

He said the main purpose of the agreement is to equip Ethiopia with the latest technology and accelerate its social and economic development.

Speaking at the last UN Security Council meeting, the ambassador said Russia has sided with Ethiopia in opposition to the European Union and the United States.

The Ambassador said Russia believes the current situation in Tigray is a matter for Ethiopians to resolve on their own.

He added that Western powers that are plotting to put pressure on Ethiopia under the auspices of the United Nations should refrain from doing so.

He said Russia condemned the move by trying to resolve the issue through pressure and intimidation in connection with the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

Finally, the Ambassador recognized that 2013 is the year that Ethiopians successfully completed the second round of the Renaissance Dam, the 6th election and other social and economic activities and wished peace, prosperity and happiness to all Ethiopians.